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[28 Dec 2004|06:02am]
Today my mother killed me.
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[24 Dec 2004|06:00am]
I wonder if my mother hears the delicate beat of my heart.

Some children are born with sickly hearts, and then the gentle fingers of a doctor performs miracles to make them healthy.

But my heart is healthy.

It beats so evenly.

"Tap Tap, Tap Tap"

You shall have a healthy son, Mother.
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[13 Dec 2004|05:47am]
My eyes are almost fully developed although the lids are still shut.

When Mother brings me into the world it will be full with sunshine and overflowing with flowers.

I have never seen a flower, you know, but more than anything I want to see my mommy.

How do you look mommy?
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[11 Dec 2004|05:46am]
My hair is growing.

It is as bright and shiny as the sun.

I wonder what kind of hair my mother has.
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[25 Nov 2004|05:44am]
Today is Thanksgiving.

My mother and father are probably thinking about a name for me.

And they don't even know that I am a little boy.

So they are probably calling me "Barbara."

Haha, but I want to be called Andy.

I am growing so big.
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[20 Nov 2004|05:43am]
Today the doctor told my mother that I'm living here under her heart.

HOW happy she must be!

Are you happy Mother?!
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[12 Nov 2004|05:43am]
Tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands.

So small they are.

One day I'll stroke my mother's hair and tell her how nice she is.
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[02 Nov 2004|05:40am]
I am growing continually.

My arms and legs are taking shape, but I must wait a long time before these tiny legs will raise me to my mother's arms.
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[25 Oct 2004|05:39am]
Today my heart began to beat.

It will beat softly for the rest of my life, never stopping.

After many years it will tire and stop and I shall die.
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[23 Oct 2004|05:38am]
My mouth is just now beginning to open.

Just think in a year or so I'll be laughing or later I'll start to talk.

My first words will be "Mama."
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[19 Oct 2004|05:34am]
I have grown a little, but I am still too small to do anything by myself.

My mother does everything for me although she still does not know that she's carrying me under her heart.

But I am a real person just as a crumb of bread is still real bread.

My mother exists and I do too.
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[02 Oct 2004|05:31am]
Today my life began.

My parents do not know it yet.

I am as small as the pollen of a flower.

But it is I already.

I will be a boy.

I will have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nearly everything is settled already.
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